My Heart

This week, my family and I said a bittersweet goodbye to our amazing mother.

Mom was the center of our world. She was loving, generous, funny, smart, warm, thoughtful, hospitable, brave, creative, sweet and kind. She brightened every room. She made every person who entered her home feel welcome and wanted. She always put others first and she taught us to do the same. And, although she couldn’t have guessed it at the time, she helped put me on the path that led me to this career by enrolling me in my very first calligraphy class when I was just seven years old.

We are, individually and collectively, so thankful for her, so thankful to have been her kids. She was, without question, the best.

Michele Hatty Fritz and Eileen Hatty.jpg
Michele Hatty Fritz and Eileen Hatty.jpg
Michele Fritz