Learn New Things: Calligraphy

From Pop and Banter — 

"After a bit of research, we found pointed pen calligraphy workshops from Meant To Be Calligraphy, and had a great first impression. The website is beautiful – easy to navigate and beautifully designed – and the work that decorates the pages made by the owner Michele is just stunning. Michele offers a 3.5 hour intensive workshop on various weekends throughout the year. She keeps the classes small so you get 1:1 attention which is so helpful for newbies. She also takes care of the supplies – all you have to do is show up! We thought to ourselves, this is the class for us. We didn’t have to pretend we knew what we were talking about at the art store trying to get supplies we didn’t know how to use, nor did we have dedicate a certain evening for the next few months to do a traditional calligraphy class. So, we booked our spots!

And we are so glad we did! We just cannot say enough good things about the pointed pen calligraphy workshop.  Our goal of the class was simple – we wanted to walk away feeling like we learned some of the basics of calligraphy so we could potential practice on our own (assuming we liked it) and add a little calligraphy to things for our blog. Goal accomplished! It was obvious that Michele not only loves what she does, but really wants to help you learn how to do it! She has a great structure to the class that allows you to first get comfortable with the pen and the ink before even trying to make a letter. She balances time for individual practice with time for instruction, where she would show us how to do certain letters/characters. We were quite surprised when she told us we only had 5 minutes left!

Michele is funny, approachable and so encouraging. One student was lamenting that her work wasn’t as good as Michele’s and Michele responded, “And you just picked up the pen less than two hours ago, right? Give yourself some grace.” She also reminded us to breathe at one point, since we were all working so hard! Such great lessons to remember when you are trying something new."


Abigail McConnell