Stationery Stamp

Stationery Stamp


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The perfect gift for newlyweds, those who've just moved into a new home, a birthday gift for a close friend, or even just as a treat for yourself, a custom, hand-lettered stationery stamp from Meant To Be Calligraphy will surely delight the recipient! It can be used to turn blank note cards into custom stationery, to create custom cocktail napkins, to fashion beautiful book plates and more. 

Each stamp is created by calligrapher Michele Hatty Fritz in one of her gorgeous, signature calligraphy styles. It's written out by hand, then transformed in a digital file before being fabricated into a wooden-handled rubber stamp.

Stamps generally measure 3" x .5" (note this may vary based on the length of the name), have an image of the calligraphy burned into the top so that you can see exactly what the stamp looks like, and will arrive approximately two weeks from the time the order is received. Each stamp is packaged carefully in a muslin bag, nestled on a bed of ivory crinkle paper inside a kraft paper box with a tag announcing that the stamp has been made especially for the recipient by Meant To Be Calligraphy - truly gift-worthy!

When you order, be sure to let us know exactly how you want the stamp to read. Please note as well that the following calligraphy styles are all-lowercase only: Edwards, Glade, Haley, Jackson and Reese. Darby and Robertson are all uppercase. All other styles will include both upper- and lower-case letters. You can see examples of each of our 30 signature calligraphy styles here.

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